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Rock One Properties Ltd

At Rock One Properties, we are owned and managed by a small and ambitious team of multi-skilled professionals. We are bringing a new approach to property investment. Our ambition is to bring simplicity to property investing, and opening it up to the masses, rather than just keeping the nuances of investing closely guarded secrets.

Our straight-forward model of investing produces strong return on investments whilst ethically providing a great standard of housing for our tenants and guests. It’s not complex, nor is it fast, but it is stable over the long-term and that is why we call ourselves ‘Rock’.

Quality Buildings and Lifelong Customer Relationships

We will only ever be open and honest about our methods, and if you ask us how we do it – we will tell you warts and all!
If you want to boost your savings or pension, and like us, you believe that property is the way to do it – then we can help you do it too. Get in contact now via sales@rockone.co.uk
We have only ‘One’ goal in our business and that is freedom. We’re investing for the future to give us, our families and our investors the freedom to choose what they do and when they do it.

We also do short-term lets

We are your trusted, reliable and 'Rock' solid short-stay accommodation provider in the East of England.Offering home from home accommodation whether travelling for business or pleasure, our properties will always be perfectly catered and tailored for your needs.

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    +44 (0) 7768 35 25 28
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    Kemp House, 152-160 City Road London, United Kingdom
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    Monday - Sunday : 8am - 6pm
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